The Art of Marriage

A bible study for adults that helps participants blend their personalities and their life's circumstances to create a
divinely-inspired work of art --marriage.
Wednesdays @6:30 - Church - Pastor Thurman

The Good & Beautiful God

What does being Christ-like mean? Do we need a pattern for transformation? in this class, re-examine what you
think about God and how you follow Him. Discover the life Jesus lived and grow in the knowledge of a good God.
Wednesdays @6:30 - Church - Pastor Stephen

Ladies Bible Study- The Settled Soul

In this chaotic world, ever more complex and unsettling, this study explores a simple practice that leads to the only safe, restful place for our world-weary hearts. Taken from John 15:1-17 learn to tenaciously "abide" with Jesus!! Cultivating a soul that lives from the place of peace and purpose That Jesus provides for us
Thursdays @10:00 Church - Pastor Leslie

Small Groups

Fare Group
Come Join us and learn about our Heavenly Father and who he created us to be so that we can share His truths to the world.
Wednesday @6:30 Church 409-313-3226

Thacker Group
Join us and Let's study the essential truths of God's Word and learn what it means to be a disciple and make disciples.
Wednesdays @6:30 Church 409-719-8434

Menard Group
A loving, caring, supportive group of mostly over forty's. Supporting each other in times of joy and sorrow.
Wed. @7:30 - Orange - 409-597-0411

Hinton Group
Join us as we study the Essentials of Discipleship in a relaxed, come as you are environment. We are eager to learn the core truths of the word and encourage each other as we apply these truths in our everyday life.
Wed. @6:30 -Orange - 409-313-1315

Fenner Group
This is the place where you will deepen your relationship, learn to imitate Jesus' Character, and become intimately involved with His own way of making disciples.
Wed. @6:30 - Orange - 409-779-2085

Hardesty Group
Learn how to be disciples of Jesus and deepen your relationship with Him and with each other.
Wed. @6:30 - Church 409-779-2550

Wright Group
Join us as we study the Essentials of Discipleship and develop a deeper relationship with Christ.
Sun. @6pm - Church 409-221-5213

Rutherford Group
We grow in Christ, as we seek Him together! Gathering together to study the Bible and to encourage one another. Learn to be a disciple as well as to make disciples.
Wed. @6:30-Church 409-670-5059

Young Group
Join us each week as we get together to help each other group in Christ, and have great fellowship! This semester's study will be on the book: "Goliath Must Fall"
Wed. @6:30 Church -409-330-7130

Bass Group
In this group we will focus on seeking Christ together. Encouraging one another and growing a deeper relationship in Christ. We will learn how to not only be a disciple but to make disciples.
Wed. @6:30 -Church-318-364-7847

Haley Group
Jesus' own pattern of disciple-making was to be intimately involved with others. Together we will deepen our relationship with Him and learn to not only be a disciple but share His Truth and make disciples.
Wed. @6:30 - Orange 409-332-7742